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Every person is unique, which is why I tailor my therapeutic approach so that it is appropriate and respects the individuality of each client. My goal as your therapist is to assist you in navigating your mental health journey while honoring your individual beliefs and integrating the strengths you bring into the therapy room into our work together.


Just like individuals, each couple brings not only themselves, but their individual past experiences into the therapy room. With my couple clients, I work hard to identify behavioral, communication, and thought patterns that are causing conflict in the relationship, and assist you in learning to recognize them and adopt newer and healthier patterns of interaction.


Family dynamics play a strong role in our lives, not only within the family, but in how we interact with the world as individuals outside of the family. In my work I seek to highlight the family's strengths, hold space for each individual member, and assist everyone in moving towards their goals in a manner that respects the lived experience of each person.

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